Behind the scenes: discover how Airwheel is changing
the world of individual modes of transport

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Established in 2004 by a group of pioneers, Airwheel Technology was created to reshape the world according to a vision that aims to develop the most sophisticated forms of technology.
Airwheel is an American company that conducts R&D in Los Angeles, Beijing and Changzhou, where production is also located.


However, Airwheel's success isn't built solely on technology, but on our customers, who renew their trust in our products every day,
continuously providing new ideas and suggestions that encourage us to improve, day after day.


Focusing on the development of high quality, high-tech products,
Airwheel is universally recognized as a manufacturer of vehicles featuring incredible usability,
which is consistently implemented through research in new materials and specifications that anticipate the future.

Airwheel has built its market leadership through long-term cooperation programs
with some of the largest and most innovative technology companies in the market, including:




A strong relationship with first class business partners will not only engender win-win scenarios,
but also create the most reliable products and best usability.
Through benefits obtained in terms of capital and global strategy,
Airwheel will continue to provide its customers with an all-round efficient and interactive service,
through the integration of resources and their co-operation.

Airwheel in the world

where Airwheel sells in collaboration with dealers

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Airwheel Worldwide
  • Australia
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  • Croatia
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  • Czech
  • Denmark
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  • France
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  • U.K.
  • USA

A certified quality

Airwheel products are designed and manufactured to the highest international standards,
as shown by the numerous certifications obtained from regulatory bodies worldwide.

Press review

Airwheel's wide-ranging success is reported by key international press agencies daily.